The Jordan Association for Insurance Companies was established in 1956 to as the first Authority act as a regulatory body for insurance affairs in Jordan. It has been presided ever since by several Authorities member by pioneers from those who were involved in insurance business, at that period. And in 1987 the unified compulsory insurance office was established to hold the responsibility of insuring all vehicles, by stating its works under the control of the above association, which remained performing its duties until 1989, when a high Royal Decree was issued to establish the Jordan Insurance Federation with its regulation being set out to function as a regulatory and managing authority for the insurance sector according to certain objectives defined by this regulation to be achieved in cooperation with the Insurance Regulatory Commission

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Annual Initial Report of Insurance Business as in 2019

Total premiums for 2019 amounted JD 614.5 million and the total Paid Claims amounted JD 473.8 million

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Jordan Insurance Federation Launches the 2020 Training Plan

In the first of its kind initiative in the region, Jordan Insurance Federation (JIF) will offer employees working for local insurers free training courses next year, announced the Federation.

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